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best childrens hiking boots

The BEST children’s walking boots

We love getting outdoors and hiking as a family. From the short Peak District walks on our doorstep to more challenging multi day treks, such as the 5 day trek to Poon Hill in Nepal’s Himalayas. Our boys are now 3 and 5 years old and they can easily manage 8 km hikes, which I think is pretty good going, especially for our youngest. Their hiking stamina has also proved helpful for our European city breaks. I couldn’t believe how much walking they did on our recent trips to Lisbon and Nuremberg!

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It was a bit blustery out on the hills today 🌬️, but that didn't stop us getting out for a hike. It sure blew away those January cobwebs! .. We always find the hardest bit of hiking with kids is just getting out of the flippin' front door! Especially at this time of the year… making sure the boys are dressed (after asking them at least 96 times), getting all their warm gear on (gloves of course come straight off after you've put them on – which is no easy task in itself), getting hiking boots on (mud from last hike ends up everywhere in the hallway), packing snacks (before the boys see them and eat them), getting a thermos of hot chocolate ready (essential), and into the car. .. But once we're out in those hills, we love it. And we always fit in the incentive of stopping at a pub for 🍦(boys) and 🍻 (parents) half way along 😜 .. .. #curbaredge #peakdistrictwalks #hikingwithkids #peakdistrictphotography #fearlessfamtrav #pottyadventures #getoutside #ukexplore #lpkids #lppathfinders #runmywildchild #pblogger #uktravelblogger #visitderbyshire #englishcountryside #greenandpleasantland #countrylife #ukparentbloggers #mummyblogger #exploringfamilies #outdoorfamilies #outdoorkids #familytime #lovelysquares #loveyourtimetogether #visitbritain #britishcountryside #curiouskids #letthemexplore

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They are good little hikers and I put this down to the fact that we go hiking every weekend possible, LOTS of snacks, and GOOD children’s walking boots. Wellies are great for splashing in puddles, and trainers are fine for playing in the garden, but if you want to get some distance under those little legs, you need to ensure they have a quality pair of hiking boots that fit well and support their feet, without breaking the bank.

I’ve done a lot of research into the best children’s walking boots, so I thought I would share my findings with you. And remember, a good pair of kids hiking boots is not just for walking in the hills, they are our footwear of choice when we’re travelling to colder destinations like Iceland and Nepal, and also for our European city breaks.

***Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Should you click to purchase, this is at no extra cost to you, although I receive a small commission. However, this is an honest review from a Mum who loves to keep the whinges at bay when hiking with her young boys. 



Click here to skip the research and see our vote for the best children’s hiking boots.

Comparison chart of children’s walking boots

There are lots of children’s walking boots out on the market, but I’ve focused on those that have sizes available for younger kids. So there are a couple of options here for toddler hiking boots.

best childrens hiking boots

*The more ticks the better 🙂

Things to consider when buying children’s walking boots


Kids’ feet grow so quickly, right? I generally avoid spending too much on children’s shoes and clothing, and the same goes for children’s hiking boots. However, we don’t want them to fall apart at the seams. When we go hiking with our boys, we rarely walk from A to B without finding a puddle to jump in or rocks to climb. These walking boots need to be up to the challenge and hopefully last a year, or more. It’s a balance right?

Ease of putting on and taking off

I always say that the hardest part of hiking with kids, especially when it’s cold, is getting them dressed and out of the front door. Boots need to be easy to get on and off, and ideally without a complicated lace system. Plus, you don’t want to be re-tying laces a zillion times on your hike. Make sure the laces are simple to fasten.

Do the provide enough support?

Unlike adult hiking boots that need to be worn in, you want to ensure that your kid’s hiking boots are robust and offer enough support right out of the box. Young ankles and arches need to be well cushioned and protected, and there should be good shock absorption throughout the shoe, to cope with uneven terrain.

best childrens hiking boots

Do they provide enough grip?

My boys are always running off down hills on our hikes, so ensure the hiking shoe has a good tread pattern to prevent slipping and sliding at speed. Admittedly someone is guaranteed to fall over at some point on our walks, but a good tread will limit this (and hopefully the tears).

Are they waterproof?

As soon as little feet get wet, they get cold, and the whinges commence. Time to head back home. If your walks are going to take you through wet grass, mud, streams and puddles, you need to ensure feet stay dry. To make their walking boots extra waterproof, cover them with a waterproof spray (like this one).


You don’t want anything too heavy to weigh down and tire legs. Whilst many adults (including myself) opt for leather walking boots in cold/wet weather, this is not suitable for young children.


I found it very difficult to find children’s hiking boots that came in sizes smaller than a UK size 9. There are only a couple that I have found and therefore, size availability may be your strongest buying factor.

The 7 best children’s walking boots

1. Kids Boys Girls Lace Up Touch Close – $

Click here to check price and availability (only available in UK)

This is your bargain buy and good option for smaller feet as sizes start from UK 6 child. A black boot, with a choice of fluorescent green or pink highlights, and easy to fasten. If your kids aren’t yet doing walks longer than a kilometre or two, this is a good option. But they are unlikely to last the distance if walking every weekend.

2. Mountain Warehouse Drift Junior Kids Boots – $$

Click here to check price and availability

It’s difficult to get good quality kids hiking boots in small sizes, yet these start from a UK size 6 child, and you can purchase them in purple or dark blue. Laces are stretchy with a Velcro fasten, so they are easy to put on and get off, and potentially means that your little ones could get their own boots on. These are also watertight to keep feet dry and great value. A fantastic year-round walking boot for smaller feet.

3. Mountain Warehouse Stampede Kids Walking Shoes – $$

Click here to check price and availability

I generally prefer a hiking boot with ankle support. However, this means they take up more room in your backpack when travelling. This shoe is a good alternative, designed more like a trainer, but still providing some support to the ankle with padding on the tongue and behind the ankle. It also has a very good tread on the sole for added stability and grip. A lighter style of walking shoe, ideal for warmer months, trekking in a tropical climate like Thailand, or an arid climate like Namibia. Only available in size UK 10 child and up.

4. Elaphurus Kids Climbing Boot Hiking Shoes – $$

Click here to check price and availability

With a nice range of colours available, this hiking boot has excellent grip and heel support (heel height is 3cm), and also has the easy laces and Velcro fastening. These are a fantastic option for winter walks in the ice and snow as the lining is furry to keep feet warm and there’s a flip down steel claw on the sole to provide extra grip! I wish we had bought these for our family trip to Iceland. May be a bit too warm for the summer months though. Only available in UK size 11 child and up.

5. Trespass Kukun, Unisex Kids’ Snow Boots – $$

Click here to check price and availability

This is the hiking boot we purchased Arthur for our Poon Hill trek in the Himalayas. Whilst not technically a children’s walking boot, it offers good support and grip for hiking, but with the added benefit of being like a welly – totally waterproof and easy to get on and off (there’s also a zip on the side). This is a good option if you’re looking for a hiking boot that’s easy to get on and off.

6.  Trespass Cumberbatch, Unisex Kids’ High Rise Hiking Boots – $$$

Click here to check price and availability

Starting from a UK size 10 child, these children’s hiking boots from Trespass are built for some serious hiking year-round. They offer good support and whilst waterproof, are still breathable due to tres-tex membrane technology (sounds fancy and I’ve no idea what this actually means! But seems to do the job). Although they are on the pricey side, you can often get them at discount on Amazon. Only downside is the laces are a bit tricky for little fingers and seem to undo a lot of the time.

7. Regatta Holcombe Mid Jnr, Unisex Kids’ High Rise Hiking Boots – $$$

Click here to check price and availability

These are the ones my boys have and they’ve certainly lasted the test of time. They have a range of colours on offer. I managed to get them in a sale, but once they grow out of them I will definitely purchase them again. They fitted perfectly, straight out of the box, and have kept my boys feet comfortable and dry. The smallest size you can get them in is a UK size 9 child. I find them a little tricky to get on as they are a firm fit, and laces need to be tied tightly to prevent them untying mid-hike. They are on par with the Trespass Cumberbatch (above), and so price and size availability will be your deciding factors between the two.

My verdict for the best children’s walking boots

The Mountain Warehouse Drift Junior Kids Boots is a good purchase for their first pair of walking boots, especially as sizes start from a UK size 6 child. As your child builds up their distances, I really believe it’s worthwhile spending a little more for comfort and support. My top choice would be the Regatta Holcombe Mid Jnr, which are certainly lasting the test of time with my boys.

However, there is not much difference between the Regatta Holcombe Mid Jnr and the Trespass Cumberbatch. So check for size availability and discounts before purchase.

best childrens hiking boots

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Should you click to purchase, this is at no extra cost to you, although I receive a small commission. However, this is an honest review from an Mum who loves to keep the whinges at bay when hiking with her young boys. 

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Thule Subterra Carry-on

REVIEWED: Thule Subterra Carry-on

I’m generally not one for expensive jewellery or fancy clothes. If you really want to treat me, it would be with travel gear – camera equipment, camping equipment, or good quality luggage (Santa, I hope you read my blog?) Now we’re back in the UK and planning for short European adventures, I figured the fraying backpack that I’ve lugged around Asia and Africa just won’t do. This travel mum needs a bit of style in her life! So I was over the moon when Thule gifted me their sleek and hard-wearing Subterra Thule Carry-on to review. It’s just what I was looking for.

Thule Subterra Carry-on

Check out this guide for: 10 Amazing Carry On Bags for Women

First and foremost, the important thing is that its size complies with the carry-on requirements for most airlines. For short breaks, we always limit ourselves to carry-on only. It’s also the perfect size for a weekend away somewhere closer to home.

It is also extremely sturdy and hard-wearing due to its durable exoskeleton and molded polycarbonate back panel. And the waterproof material is handy for those inevitable drink spills at the airport (guaranteed, every single time).

But, the best bit is the compression panel inside to maximise packing space and minimise wrinkling. I’ve not actually seen this before; such a clever design. The actual panel is then handy for storing any flat documents or, more importantly, art work from your kids that need to keep safe and flat before mounting on the wall at home. April Golightly has a great post about what to pack in a carry on.

The two separate compartments inside the case, mean that you can keep your clean, pressed clothes on one side underneath the compression panel, and shoes and laundry can be zipped away on the other side.

Thule Subterra Carry-on

On the top at the front, is a zip which opens a protective compartment to store travel documents, sunglasses etc. and is also big enough to store the kids’ tablets (because what parent travels without them?)

Thule Subterra Carry-on

The Thule Subterra Carry-on comes in dark shadow (dark grey), mineral (dark teal) and ember (maroon).

I absolutely love my Thule Subterra carry-on and am now desperate for a European city break to properly try it out. I’m off to research cheap flights from Manchester airport now, any recommendations?

Thule Subterra Carry-on

To find out more, head over to the Thule website.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 55 x 35 x 23 cm
Weight 3.18 kg
Volume 36 L
Colour 800D nylon


Head over to The Discoveries Of for a comprehensive review of alternative carry on luggage

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Best family air tent

The best family air tent? TraveLynn Family reviews the Vango Edoras 500XL Air

As a family we absolutely love camping, especially after our 3.5 months traversing Africa in a Land Rover with roof tents. There’s something about sleeping under canvas with the sounds of nature around you and getting back to basics. Plus, I swear the boys sleep better when we’re camping. Must be all that fresh air?

Best family air tent

We were heading off to the Just So Festival mid August and had intended to take our small 2-man tent that we had recently got out of storage after returning to the UK. However, my blogger friend at Zena’s Suitcase thought that it just wouldn’t do and got us in contact with Vango who gifted us their Vango Edoras 500XL Air tent in return for an honest review.

Wow! What a tent! It certainly put our little two-man to shame. This is the family tent that we didn’t realise we needed and will bring us many adventures to come!

It’s super easy to put up, principally as there are no poles. A tent with no poles? How can this be? Well in the place of poles are air tubes that you pump up (it comes with a hand air pump). There are five tubes and it takes about 20 seconds for a parent to pump up each tube. There’s a clever button that keeps the air locked in as soon as you remove the pump attachment; so you don’t have that classic manic fumble to get the cap on once you pull the pump out.

Best family air tentBest family air tent

Then getting it down is even easier! Turn the button around to ‘open’ and the tube deflates.

Steps to erect the tent:

1. Roll it out and open out flat.
2. Peg down the four corners
3. Pump up the back two air tubes first
4. Go inside tent and push the blown up tubes to standing
5. Pump up the remaining three air tubes
6. Peg down the base and guy ropes
7. Crack open a congratulatory beer for the parents (juice for the kids)

Best family air tent

Once it’s up…

There is so much space inside and would very comfortably sleep a family of 5. Even more if you wanted to use the spacious ‘lounge’ (which is a super handy space for those rainy days).

I also like how there’s a covered porch at the front to provide some outside shelter and keep muddy boots in the dry. There are also lots of neat pockets to store items.

Ok I love it, but there must be some negatives?

The only downside is it’s size when packed up and weight. It takes up almost half of our boot space and I’m unable to carry it on my own (although hubby can). However, this isn’t a tent to take backpacking across the hills for a night of wild camping. This is a family tent perfect for weekend festivals and setting up camp for a few nights (or longer!) of outdoor family fun.

Where can I purchase a Vango tent?

Head over to  and check out their Vango Tents collection.

Extra equipment

Vango also sent us two double sleeping bags (extremely warm and cosy, with lots of padding and comes with two pillow cases!) and a clothes rack. Now I had no idea how handy this clothes rack was until we put it up at Just So Festival. Rather than attempting to live the weekend out of our rucksacks and everything dispersing across the tent to represent a bomb explosion (our usual approach), it was very handy actually unpacking all our clothes and food into the clothes rack, keeping everything tidy and easily accessible.

Best family air tent

And Vango also do fantastic rucksacks! The day pack pictured below is waterproof, comfy on the shoulders and just the right about of space to store snacks, drinks bottles and jumpers for a day of adventuring.

Best family air tent

If you’re still looking for a tent with poles (perhaps a cheaper option), check out this complete guide to the best family tents.


Disclaimer: TraveLynn Family were gifted this air tent in return for an honest review. As always, these are all my own words and opinions. 


Best family air tent

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