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Our Bongo packing checklist for family camping

As a family we love camping, whether it’s a France road trip, on our Africa overland adventures, or even in our back garden. And now we have our Mazda Bongo 4×4 camper! We love...

How to maximise your annual leave allowance for 2020

Planning your holidays for next year? Here's how to get the most from your annual leave.

Why you should Road Trip with your Baby

Reasons to take your baby or toddler on a road trip

How we afford to travel with kids

No we don’t earn megabucks, no we haven’t received a massive inheritance, and no we haven’t won the lottery (reminder to self: must buy lottery ticket this week)… yet. I receive lots of emails...

Sanity saving tips for travelling with a toddler

For many parents, the thought of travelling with toddlers is out of the question. Kids can be hard work and, if they’re also away from familiar surroundings, won’t it just be too difficult? Plus...

Tips for potty training while travelling

Have you tried potty training while travelling? Or maybe you’re planning potty training on the road. One of the golden rules of potty training is, ‘Do NOT potty train on holiday’. It’s just too much...