Getting our mischief on with the MAOAM Mischief Hub

  • July 26, 2020

My boys are ALWAYS cracking me up. They’re such cheeky monkeys, full of energy, who frequently remind me how important it is to embrace my inner-child. 

I’m working in a paid relationship with MAOAM promoting its Mischief Hub. Get ideas here.

And laughter is the best medicine, right?! It draws people together, releases endorphins, relaxes you and eases your mind. At a time when there are so many frustrations in the world, it’s important for families to find time to have fun together. 

So I’m always looking for new ways to inject some fun and mischief into our home, and absolutely LOVE the cheeky ideas over on the MAOAM Mischief Hub! We’ve been trying out the EGGCELLENT MISCHIEF MISSION with a few tweaks. The idea being to get around an assault course with an egg and spoon (although we changed the egg to a MAOAM Pinball sweet – a little reward for completion!) 

MAOAM mischief challenge

Our Mischief Mission

I left the boys (who are 5 and 6 years old) to create an assault course in the garden. They spent ages putting it together, and I was so impressed with what they came up with! It included a balance beam, twirling station, a balance seesaw, and a tunnel. They did try putting a marble run at the end, but unfortunately the MAOAM Pinball got stuck! Although I thought it was quite clever to think of that as the finale!

MAOAM mischief challenge
MAOAM mischief challenge

We then all took it in turns to complete the obstacle course, whilst holding a spoon and balancing a MAOAM Pinball. And to add to the mischief, balls were thrown at the contestant along the course. Mwahahaha! Although we were kind and used rolled up socks as balls so they were nice and soft.

I got stuck in the tunnel. Everyone found this absolutely hilarious! 

And somehow Ez managed to zoom around the course. It wasn’t till he got to the end that we found out how. He used Blu Tac!! So mischievous! 

We had a ridiculous amount of fun with this. Just shows what fun and free activities you can have with just stuff around the house. Plus, I love how this #MAOAMmischief activity got the kids active and creative. Most importantly though, it was another fun family moment added to our lockdown memories. 

Make sure you check out more ideas over on MAOAM’s Mischief Hub. There are balloon surprises, magic tricks, spider scares, crafts and more! We’ll definitely be trying some others out. 


MAOAM is known for making full-on fun with their delicious chews in a range of flavours: from Stripes to JoyStixx, PartyMixx to Pinballs. I like how they are a small sweet treat, rather than a full chocolate bar. We find them really handy as a little reward after a long hike in the hills, or after completing an awesome bit of school work.

MAOAM mischief challenge
MAOAM mischief challenge

Plus, MAOAM are on the same page as us and believe in the importance of us parents making mischief with our kids – it’s great for family bonding and mental health. But more importantly, it’s a reminder that we should never take life too seriously! 

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That picture of you stuck in the tunnel is brilliant! I bet you all had a lot of fun doing this

I love the course, what a fab idea! We’ve loved looking at the MAOAM Mischief Hub too!

Yes to embracing our inner child!! I love that and important to remember – also this obstacle course is awesome!! We love the MAOAM hub – so many great ideas on there

Laura x

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