Whenever we fly from the UK to India or South East Asia, we often fly with a Middle Eastern airline such as Qatar or Etihad. Why not break up your journey with a stopover and savour the wonders of a city in the desert?

Doha stopover with young kids - camels

Is Doha worth a stopover with young kids?

Have you considered doing a Doha stopover with kids? Rising majestically from the barren desert, the glitzy skyline of Doha is forever changing as money oozes from the oil and gas refineries and pours into the rapid and constant development ...
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Abu Dhabi with kids

A stopover in Abu Dhabi with young kids

There are so many blog posts and articles out there detailing a stopover itinerary in Abu Dhabi; mostly suggesting an exhaustive list of activities that provide an adrenaline rush to the heart and wallet. For TraveLynn Family, our stopover in ...
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