My Magical Travel Potty review

REVIEWED: My Magical Potty

My Magical Potty, the super light and compact travel potty, was an absolute life-saver on our recent travels in Sri Lanka! As with so many destinations we love to travel, there were virtually no toilets once away from our accommodation. Those beautiful stretches of pristine sand and thick verdant jungle were fantastic to explore, but understandably, there was not a public toilet in sight. And when your little one needs to go, THEY NEED TO GO!

Peanut Farm Beach, Arugam Bay

A typically inconvenient (and desperate) time was during a three hour safari in Udawalawe National Park. We had risen at the crack of dawn to see the elephants in the wild and everyone was very excited. The boys loved bouncing around in the open top jeep and we managed to see so many beautiful elephants up close. Then inevitably, our 3yo desperately needed to go and there was no way he could hold it. We asked the driver to stop, which he was happy to do, but under no circumstances was he going to allow our little one to get out and go in the bush – there were wild elephants around! Cue the My Magical Potty to save the day!

My Magical Potty

How does it work?

It takes 2 seconds to put together by folding it out to a box shape and slotting the fold of the lid (seat) in. Then place the bespoke plastic liner in the middle. Your little one then sits down, does their business and voila! Easy.

Travel potty

Why do TraveLynn Family recommend it?

As it’s made of plasticised cardboard, it’s super light. This doesn’t mean that it’s flimsy, however. The clever design, with two opposite edges indented as triangles to support the ‘seat’,  means that it is very sturdy for little bums. Although parents, I don’t suggest using it for your step-aerobics workout! It is designed to support weights of up to 50 Kg.

Plus, it folds up really small and took up very little space in our day pack. When folded for storage the dimensions are 22 x 28 x 1.5cm (length x width x height) and when open it’s 22 x 28 x 15cm. When not in use, we kept the travel potty in a plastic pouch (provided on delivery) to keep it waterproof.

Travel potty folded

Travel Potty day bag

But the My Magical Potty isn’t just for travelling families. We’ll be packing ours for day trips and weekend breaks too. Basically, whenever we plan to be in the wilderness. I also like to pack a sarong to provide my little one with a bit of privacy when doing his business.

Where to buy it

Currently you can only buy My Magical Potty on the online shop on their website. But we’re informed that you will soon be able on Amazon and Ebay. The price is €12.99 for the potty chair and €5.99 for the single-use spare liners (10 in a pack). You then need to pay for shipping on top. To give you an idea, it’s €7.50 to India, €6.50 to Europe (including UK) and €7.50 to Australia and New Zealand. With shipping costs in mind, ensure you purchase enough liners to last a while.


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by My Magical Potty. However the opinions and words are all my own, based on my own experiences.

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  1. Pamela Goward

    Looks like an essential piece of kit for travelling families. Often see parents bring out the regular potty at the beach, park, zoo etc. It takes up space that could be saved or used for other things like a bigger picnic or some toys. The lighter, portable potty is a brilliant idea.

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