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Tips for Travelling Again After a Health Scare

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  • February 17, 2019

They say there’s nothing more important than your health. But it can often take an unsettling bout of illness or a surprise diagnosis to shake us into realising just how important it is.

Health scares certainly make people re-examine their priorities, in some cases perhaps even wake up to some lessons they should have learnt long ago. On the other hand, most people don’t want an illness to become life-defining, to fundamentally change the person they are and the things they love doing.

If you love to travel, a health scare can be accompanied by a terrible thought – what if I’m never well enough to hit the beaten track again? In many cases, if not most, this is thankfully a worry that doesn’t come true. It is perfectly possible to come out the other side even from a serious illness and enjoy exploring the world once again.

But like other aspects of your life, it may require you to make some readjustments.

Don’t push yourself too hard or too early

The key with any recovery from illness is not to rush. Your body (and your mind) will adjust and repair themselves in their own time. The risk with travel is that the stress it can sometimes cause could trigger a serious relapse.

Ask yourself – are you ready to cope with hours of delays in a crowded, uncomfortable airport? Can you face the disruption to sleep hopping across time zones, or on extended overland journeys, can involve? And don’t be overly ambitious in where you want to go and what you want to do – adventure and beauty in the world can be experienced without aiming to climb the highest mountain on offer.

Listen to your GP’s advice

It is important to talk about your health with family and friends, to be open about how you are feeling, listen to their advice and accept their offers of assistance. But more than anything, it is essential that you listen to what your doctor has to say.

Following something like a heart attack, for example, it is vital you get the go ahead from your doctor before you fly again, otherwise you could be putting yourself at great risk.

Get the right travel insurance

If you get diagnosed with an ongoing medical condition, you must declare it when you buy insurance for your travels. This is because travel insurance covers you for medical costs if you need treatment while abroad and the provider will want to know of any relevant medical history. If you don’t declare it, not only will the policy not cover you for any treatments related to your condition, you will probably find all claims rejected and your policy declared invalid.

People who suffer a heart attack can sometimes be caught out by this. Once they have recovered, they think that is it – it was just a one off episode, and they are back to normal now. That is not how insurers see it, however. Because of the risks of future coronary problems, insurers treat a heart attack as a long-term medical condition. It is therefore vital that you seek out a specialist provider offering heart attack sufferers travel insurance to ensure you are fully protected.

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