The BEST 4 Island tour from Koh Lanta

  • December 13, 2019

Are you looking to do 4 Island Tour from Koh Lanta with kids? Read on…

With life-jackets on, my 2 year old clung on to my back and I started swimming towards the dim torch-light disappearing ahead into the tunnel. We entered the darkness and Ezra started to get a little unsure, so instead I held him in my arms and kicked through the water. Why didn’t I put on the flippers!? As the torch light ahead disappeared, I looked behind me and realised I was in the depths of the tunnel, swimming through unable to touch the floor, in complete and utter darkness. I couldn’t even see Ezra who I was holding in front of me. “Isn’t this exciting mate?” I encouraged trying to keep my cool, whilst Ezra kept an eye out for dragons.

Disclaimer: Our tour with Lanta Garden Hill Tours was complimentary. However the opinions and words are all my own, based on our own experiences.

Thankfully I could hear Jay and Arthur nearby and I kept kicking away hoping to see light soon. How was I not moving forward? Kick, kick. Kick, kick. Kick, kick.

Finally, the light started to stream through and a big burst of wave carried us through to the end of the 80 metre tunnel. As I found my feet, I stood up and looked around. A 360 degree rainforest wall towered over us and disappeared into the clouds above, protecting a pristine lagoon, hidden within the island. Magical.

It is known as Emerald Cave and the easiest way to experience it is on The 4 Islands Boat Tour, a must do for any Thailand itinerary. We took this tour as a day trip from Ko Lanta, where we were based for a week. You can read about our time in Ko Lanta here.

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4 Island Tour Koh Lanta Boat Tour

TraveLynn Family and friends (4 adults and 4 children aged between 2 and 4) were invited to experience the 4 Islands Boat Tour with Lanta Garden Hill Tours via Asian Evolution Tour. Unfortunately the weather gods were not kind to us this day. Rain and clouds persisted throughout the tour. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see these beautiful locations in all their glory, but the kids found the snorkelling, swimming and speedboat more than enough fun! And this snorkelling adventure was easily one of the best activities we’ve done in Thailand with kids.

Emerald Cave with kids, 4 Islands Tour, Lanta Garden Hill Tours

We were picked up by a songthaew from our hotel at 8:30am to take us to the meeting point on the beach and soon after a speedboat arrived. There were a couple more pick-ups and once all 24 were onboard, we were on our way! All boys (the big ones too!) absolutely loved bouncing over the waves, waving back to Ko Lanta as it disappeared over the horizon.

The morning was spent snorkelling at Koh Ngai and Koh Chuck, with about 40 minutes at each location. The two year olds were happy to bop around in their life jackets, whereas the 4 year olds were able to explore underwater. The kids snorkel and googles provided for my 4 year old were too big, but thankfully we had packed his swim goggles from home and he was happy to hold his breath.  I wouldn’t say that we saw many tropical fish, but the kids still got very excited about the few the past us by.

snorkelling in Thailand

A buffet lunch of local food was served at Koh Kradan. Usually this would be on the beach, but due to the weather, we all took cover under a shelter with plastic chairs. As with any tour, the day is carefully timed and we were going to be on the island for 1.5 hours. So rather than hiding under cover, trying to entertain the kids, we all decided to embrace the rain and jump in for a swim. We were wet anyway!

In the afternoon we visited Koh Mook, to explore Emerald Cave (described at the beginning of this post). This has to be the highlight of the tour for all of us. We had to share the experience with a fair few other tourists, although that didn’t take away from the magic. The boys considered the lagoon the perfect place to look for dinosaurs.

Emerald Cave with kids, 4 Islands Tour, Lanta Garden Hill Tours

It was then about an hour by speedboat back to our drop-off at Ko Lanta. All boys were fast asleep on the return journey. BIG day.

How strong a swimmer does everyone need to be?

Although everyone is provided with a life jacket, parents need to be confident swimmers and have the strength to support their little ones in the water. For the children, ensure the strap that goes between the legs is secured and fastened, otherwise the jacket may slip off. All children need to be comfortable in sea water (which is a slightly different experience to a swimming pool) and happy to get their faces wet. If this is not the case, the day may be hard work for all concerned.

Did anyone get sea sick?

When you first board the speed boat, it dances in the swell of the waves and the smell of petrol is strong. This may turn a few stomachs. However, as soon as the speed boat started moving and careering across the sea, with the wind in our faces, everyone was absolutely fine.

What should you take on a 4 Island tour Koh Lanta?

Water is provided on board and lunch is included. However, you should also bring:

  • Swim costumes – you’ll be doing a lot of swimming!
  • Snacks – the kids will be hungrier than normal with all that swimming
  • Kids snorkel gear or swim goggles from home – the ones provided were too big and didn’t fit properly.
  • Microfibre, quick-drying towel
  • Plastic bag to keep your things dry – water gets everywhere!
  • Change of clothes for kids in plastic bag to stay dry
  • Waterproof jacket or poncho – between swim and snorkel spots, you may get cold on the speed boat (especially if it’s raining!)
  • Waterproof suncream, sun hats and sun glasses – for the majority of visitors blessed with better weather than us!
  • Waterproof camera! Although for Emerald Cave, the guide takes a diver rolling bag (waterproof) to keep cameras dry through the tunnel.

How much does the Tour cost?

At the time of writing (December 2017):

Adults – THB1700
Children aged 4 to 11 – THB850
Children under 4 – FREE

Check out this post from if you have older kids and looking to do some diving in Thailand.

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Even though the weather wasn’t on your side, its obvious you were in a beautiful location! How brave swimming through a dark tunnel with your little one. I’m impressed! #farawayfiles

A wonderful day and the boys did so very well. Proud mumma ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m going to be in Thailand in February and I’ve been thinking about doing a boat tour there and your post was just so helpful, thank you!!! Especially loved the list of things you need to tkae with you. Definitely saving this for later reference! #FarawayFiles

So pleased to hear you found it useful. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip! Enjoy Thailand – we’re big fans ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh gosh do I miss Ko Lanta! We went for 4 days last year and loved the island. But we ended up staying on the beach or renting a scooter, we never made it out on the 4 island tour. Shame the weather wasn’t with you, but still looked like a fab day! #farawayfiles

If we’d had better weather we probably wouldn’t have left the island either ๐Ÿ˜‰ Awesome place though, isn’t it! Thanks for reading.

Ooooh – I love exploring in the water with our family too and we started them young like you have. What an amazing experience even in the less than perfect weather! Thanks for sharing with #FarawayFiles, Erin

Thanks Erin. With the good company the weather really didn’t bother us. The boys all got on so well – it was lovely!

I love reading about your adventures! The Emerald Cave definitely sounds like a place to look for dinosaurs or fairies. I wish my daughter were better about getting her face wet.

My boys definitely found some dinosaurs. Aw- it does take time. Practice every night in the bath ?

I have always wanted to go to Koh Lanta, but reading all about your trip there, is making me think that should be our next Thai trip. My kids would absolutely love this!

They really would! I hope you guys make it back to Thailand soon ?

I love a good boat/snorkeling trip. They are often the highlight of the trip! x

And this one certainly was! So very proud at how all the boys got on. Thanks for reading!

Wow. Adding this to our bucket list for our trip to Thailand! Looks amazing! I loved the intro, I felt like I was there with you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you! Ooo – when are you off to Thailand?

Sounds like a real adventure!! And, even though you might not have had the best weather, nothing can detract from the amazing colours of the water – beautiful!

Swimming through that cave felt so awesome! We only found out later that most tours don’t allow kids under the age of 4! So proud of how all the boys did ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading!

Sounds so fun! I would love to visit Thailand someday.

Big recommend. Hope you make it there someday soon!

Despite the weather, it looks like everyone had a fun and lovely time! Love snorkeling with the kids – they get so excited about seeing things underwater.

A great day all round! Thanks for reading!

Oh it just looks like the most wonderful adventure, I am sure my girls would adore it

Great fun! And despite the weather. I’m sure you’re girls would love it!

How did you buy the tickets for the 4 island tour?

Contact Lanta Garden Hill tours directly on their website.

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