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Family travel tips

This blog is jam packed with family travel advice that we share from our personal experiences. But for general family travel tips around how we afford to travel, our top destinations, our approach to schooling etc., these can all be found here.

TraveLynn Family at Hourtin Plage

How we afford to travel with kids

No we don’t earn megabucks, no we haven’t received a massive inheritance, and no we haven’t won the lottery (reminder to self: must buy lottery ticket this week)… yet. I receive lots of emails and messages from parents who want to travel with their kids. I love receiving them and I’m always more that happy …

Malawi itinerary with kids

Our top family travel destinations for intrepid families

No we don’t earn megabucks, no we haven’t received a massive inheritance, and no we haven’t won the lottery (reminder to self: must buy lottery ticket this week)… yet. I receive lots of emails and messages from parents who want to travel with their kids. I love receiving them and I’m always more that happy …

Battembang with kids, bamboo train

Family travel on a budget: how to travel cheap with kids in tow

Just because you’re travelling as a family, doesn’t mean the budget has to fly out of the window. Some parents might worry that budget travel with kids might lead to a compromise on safety or enjoyment but that’s not the case; budget travel isn’t any less safe or any more difficult, it just needs a bit more planning before and during your trip…

Backpacking with kids: top tips to make it work

Since becoming parents, we’ve been fortunate to backpack with our kids to so many beautiful places across the globe, from Sri Lanka to Morocco, Singapore to Cambodia. The most common questions we’re asked aren’t necessarily about the destinations however, but rather the logistics; how do you make it work, backpacking with kids?

TraveLynn Family Sahara

Unpaid Parental Leave: taking leave from work to travel with your kids

If you’re employed in the UK, but want to travel with your family for longer than your annual leave allowance, have you considered taking unpaid parental leave? As a family, we love to travel. I think that’s obvious if you follow our Instagram or you’ve been browsing this blog. Whilst we enjoy camping in France …

online schooling in Marrakech

Online schooling for family travel

Outsourcing someone else to teach your kids when you’re travelling long term? Well surely that’s the best of both worlds! Pressure of homeschooling is alleviated from parent(s) through the magic of modern technology, whilst you adventure the globe as a family making those precious memories. But is it really that simple? Disclaimer: This post contains …

kids travel journal

Kids travel journals: what’s the best format?

Kids travel journals are a fantastic tool for enabling children to record their adventures and a great way to practice their writing skills when on the road. We often use them on our travels for downtime or to fill time whilst waiting for public transport or meals at restaurants. Plus, what an wonderful memento for you all to look back on in years to come…

Worldschooling in Morocco

Deregistering your child from school to travel

In England, taking kids out of school for a holiday during term time is a fiercely contested topic. Some feel that even a day off school disrupts a child’s education and class teaching, some argue that it’s too expensive to travel during the school holidays and therefore justified, whereas others believe that travel provides an education that cannot be taught in the classroom…

Thai-Cambodian border crossing

Best travel backpacks for kids

As a family, backpacking is our preferred way to travel. We love the ease of minimalist travel, jumping on and off busses and trains. We pack light and two spare hands are always ‘handy’ when travelling with young kids. But with so much choice, what is the best travel backpack for kids? …

boy looking through binoculars

21 USEFUL travel gifts for kids

As a family who travel and move around a fair bit, I always prefer travel gifts for kids over regular toys as I know we will get a lot of use out of them. Whilst every gift is thoughtful and generous, I’m not a fan of kids’ toys that have a two minute novelty span, only to be thrown into the depths of the toy box never to be used again…

Packing light family travel

Top 10 tips for PACKING LIGHT with kids: minimalist family travel

Packing light for family travel is a challenge, trying to squeeze in everything you’ll need for a long trip without overloading both kids and parents. Whilst some families successfully travel with a suitcase, nothing beats a backpack for convenience and flexibility, but how do you keep it light enough so everyone can carry their own gear without tears and backaches? …

markets in Siem Reap

What is worldschooling?

Not all classrooms have four walls” has to be a favourite family travel quote, and perfectly encapsulates the philosophy of worldschooling. Worldschooling (aka world schooling) has become a recent buzzword as increasingly more families don the backpacks and head off on the open road with their kids in search of adventure. But what is worldschooling? Do parents need to sign up somewhere? …

Benefits of family travel

10 benefits of family travel and why it’s important

It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that we’re hugely passionate about family travel and the benefits it can bring to the whole family. Our lives before children revolved heavily around travel and we enjoyed fourteen years of adventures as a couple before our eldest son Arthur arrived in 2013. In fact, it was in Kruger National Park in 2013…

VPN for family travel

Why you need a VPN for family travel overseas

It wasn’t too long ago that VPNs were a niche technology subject, something which didn’t appear on most travelling families’ radars. Recently though, they’ve started to crop up in more of our conversations when we’re travelling; phrases like “Are you on the VPN?“, “Don’t forget to connect to the VPN” becoming increasingly common…

Mother and sleeping two year old baby girl travel on airplane

Long haul flights with toddlers: your essential SURVIVAL GUIDE

So first of all, an admission. A long haul flight with toddlers can be tough. You board the plane, casting apologetic smiles to your fellow passengers. Some smile back, others appear sympathetic, a few look terrified. Almost everyone is secretly trying to check your boarding pass to see where you are sitting. Console yourself that it was probably you once…