Find here all our top tips for travelling with kids!

Potty training on holiday or when travelling

Tips for potty training on holiday

Have you thought about or even tried potty training on holiday? One of the golden rules of potty training is, 'Do NOT potty train on holiday'. It's just too much hard work and it is a holiday after all! Plus ...
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Surviving Jet Lag with Kids

So what exactly is the secret to surviving jet lag with kids? As Daddy Lynn read the last line of their favourite book, the boys drifted blissfully off to sleep. It was 8:30pm and us parents eagerly high-fived with smug ...
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My Magical Travel Potty review

REVIEWED: My Magical Potty

My Magical Potty, the super light and compact travel potty, was an absolute life-saver on our recent travels in Sri Lanka! As with so many destinations we love to travel, there were virtually no toilets once away from our accommodation ...
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India with kids - is it worth it?

Travelling India with young kids – is it worth it?

India is rarely a top travel destination for young families. The ever-jostling crowds, the incessant honking, the haggling, the selfie requests, the red tape, the litter, and the infamous 'Delhi Belly'. It's certainly an attack on the senses and travelling ...
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12 tips for travelling India with kids

Twelve Tips for travelling India with kids

Many people may have raised an eyebrow, but you did it. You've decided to go travelling India with kids! Perhaps memories of your India travels pre-kids have lured you back. Or perhaps you've travelled much of South East Asia as ...
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Top tips for travelling with kids

Top 5 tips for travelling with young kids

For many parents, the thought of travelling with their little ones is out of the question. Kids can be hard work and, if they're also away from familiar surroundings, won't it just be too difficult? Plus they probably won't remember ...
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Auto-rickshaws in Bangalore with kids

Auto-rickshaws, tuk-tuks, whatever you choose to call them (we’ll go with autos here), they are an annoying but handy way to get around Bangalore with kids. Not only are they (sometimes) cheap, they give you and the kids a fun ...
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New Year's Travel Resolutions

7 New Year’s Travel Resolutions

Scrap the crash diet on the 1st Jan. Instead, make 2018 The Year of Travel with these New Year's resolutions that will be fun and benefit the whole family. 1. Start a travel savings account You need money to travel. Until you ...
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Getting the most from your annual leave

Maximising annual leave

If you're reading this blog, there's a pretty good chance that at some point in your life you've allowed yourself to daydream about a life of perpetual travel with your family? No work, no mortgage, just trip after trip, returning ...
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Why you should Road Trip with your Baby

Have you considered a road trip with your baby? Due to the flexibility and large luggage allowance, it's perhaps one of the easiest forms of travel for that first family holiday.  Just load up your car, grab a map and ...
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Gift ideas for kids who love to travel

Here is a list of gift ideas for kids who love to travel. Some to inspire, some for fun and learning, and some that will perhaps save your sanity. From babies through to 5 year olds, we are sure you’ll ...
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Accommodation Check-list for travelling with a toddler

This is us (Jenny and Jay) almost 10 years ago... We're in Don Det, Laos, and this photo was taken outside our beloved hut. That hut was just US$1 per night. It may have had a few dead cockroaches under ...
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Kids books about travelling

Travel stories for young kids: 10 travel inspiring books for the under-5s

I started reading to my boys as soon as they were born and as I am a self-confessed travel addict, I was always looking for travel stories to inspire their global wanderlust. This is a list of some of my ...
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Long-haul flight survival with young kids

So first of all, an admission. Long-haul flying with young kids can be tough. You board the plane, casting apologetic smiles to your fellow passengers. Some smile back, others appear sympathetic, a few look terrified. Almost everyone is secretly trying to ...
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10 reasons to travel with young kids

Thinking about it now, sat in an office with the wind and rain outside, finding reasons to travel with young kids seems easier than it did when we landed at Heathrow after the 14-hour flight from Bangkok. There are really amazing moments ...
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