Often considered the ultimate package holiday destination for Brits craving sunshine, we are on a mission to find hidden gems and off the beaten track adventures in Spain with kids. So far, we have only been to Lanzarote, an island that truly surprised us, but a return to Spain is on the cards :-).

Lanzarote with kids

Lanzarote with kids: off the beaten track

Are you looking to visit Lanzarote with kids? As an adventurous family who prefer an intrepid style of travel, a family holiday to the Spanish island of Lanzarote had always been off our radar. I had wrongly assumed it was ...
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glamping in Lanzarote

Glamping in Lanzarote: A review of our stay at Finca de Arrieta

My finger hesitated over the 'confirm' button. Didn't Michael Palin christen the island 'Lanzagrotty'? Supposedly the island of sunburnt beer bellies, English fry ups, and soulless resorts? But flights were SO cheap. £130 return for just Ezra and I at ...
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