Africa is perhaps the ultimate adventure travel destination and your kids will love it! From running down sand dunes in the desert, to spotting elephants and lions on a self-drive safari, to jumping into waves crashing onto pristine beaches, and all whilst camping under the African stars. And before you ask, yes – you can do a safari with young kids!

In fact, you may want to check out these truths about doing an African safari with kids.

Namibia itinerary with kids

We spent 4 months in 2018 overlanding Africa in a Land Rover Defender with our two boys (aged 3 and 4). This trip took us to the heart of this continent… starting in South Africa and Mozambique, then on to MalawiTanzaniaZambia, and finishing with Namibia before returning our Land Rover back to South Africa.

For all your questions answered about our overland travels through sub-Saharan Africa in a Land Rover, check out our post…


But if you’re looking for that African adventure that is a bit more accessible, check out our Morocco with kids self drive itinerary.

Morocco with kids
Namibia with kids
Zambia with kids
Tanzania with kids
Malawi with kids
Mozambique with kids
South Africa with kids

Some general Africa travel tips

Southern Africa overland itinerary with kids

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Namibia itinerary with kids

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