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Iceland, the ‘land of fire and ice’, is a magical playground for kids with it’s steaming hot springs, shooting geysers and black sand beaches. You may have heard the rumours that it is an expensive destination, but a family trip to Iceland does not need to break the bank. Honest!

To help you with your Iceland planning and research for that perfect family trip, I’ve bundled together all our Iceland family travel posts here for easy access. From itineraries, things to do, where to stay, and how to get around, you’ll find it all here, compiled from our two separate trips to Iceland.

Iceland itineraries

Things to do in Iceland with kids

family on North Iceland itinerary

20 things for kids to do in Iceland

Iceland is one of the best natural playgrounds for kids and a world schooling Geography lesson for all ages. On our 5 day Iceland road trip, we fell head over heals in love with the country and managed to steer away from the tourist crowds. We also discovered ways to save money on a family …

Reykjavík with kids

The BEST things to do in Reykjavik with kids

If you are planning a family trip to Iceland, there is a good chance that you will head to Reykjavík at some point and will be wondering what there is to do in Reykjavik with kids. Whether you’re using the city as a base for your Iceland travels, or are just popping for an afternoon, …

Into the Glacier snow truck

Into The Glacier REVIEW: the ultimate Iceland family adventure

Iceland is well known for its glaciers, the majestic sheets of ice which cover large areas of land. Whilst most people have heard of them and will have seen pictures from above, not many are able to say they have ventured onto them, let alone been inside. Almost by definition, they’re inhospitable places, hard to …

whale watching boat coming in to Husavik

Húsavík whale watching tour with North Sailing

As you travel around Northern Iceland, the natural beauty is all around you and hard to miss. But it’s easy to forget that some of the most remarkable sights are actually hiding underneath ice-cold water, only appearing occasionally to break to the surface and take in some air. Disclaimer: TraveLynn Family were offered a complimentary …

a husky dog at Snow Dogs

SNOW DOGS kennel visit: a family friendly husky experience in Iceland

The husky gave four year old Ezra a big sloppy lick. Ez then preceded to giggle away with the biggest grin on his face, his little screeches exciting his new husky pal even more. Older brother Arthur was just the same at the other side of the kennel rubbing the belly of another dog. For …

Icelandic Seal Centre

Icelandic Seal Centre: is it worth a visit?

The Icelandic Seal Center in Hvammstangi is a great place for a quick stopover as you explore the Vatnsnes peninsula in Northern Iceland. It’s compact and well-laid out interior allows you to understand more about the local seals which inhabit this part of the world, and young kids will find some fun activities during their …

Geosea - North Iceland itinerary

Geosea Húsavík REVIEW: visiting geothermal sea baths in North Iceland

If you’re visiting Húsavík in North Iceland, it’s more than likely you are going whale watching. Indeed it’s one of the top things to do on an Iceland family holiday.  But after a few hours out on the North Icelandic sea, you will probably want to warm up. So why not treat yourself to some warmth …

Practical tips for travelling Iceland

Blue Lagoon alternatives

The BEST Blue Lagoon alternatives in Iceland

Looking for an alternative to the Blue Lagoon? The Blue Lagoon is considered an absolute must for anyone visiting Iceland. It’s milky blue therapeutic waters certainly look inviting and photos alone show why National Geographic named it as one of the top 25 Wonders of the World. Seemingly everyone who visits Iceland works it into …

Iceland itinerary with kids

What to pack for Iceland in October taking carry on only

Wondering what to pack for Iceland in October? Read on… With fewer crowds and 8 hours of daylight, October is a great time to visit Iceland with kids. Plus, there is a good chance you will see the Northern Lights! Just be prepared for the cold. We have been to Iceland in October twice. First …

save money on a family trip to Iceland

How to do a family trip to Iceland on a budget

Iceland is known for its breathtaking beauty but also its extortionate prices, especially in Reykjavik. Despite a tourism boom in recent years (a reported 60% growth in 2016), there are actually signs that this growth has eased off significantly (Telegraph), partly due to the rise in the value of the Icelandic krona. And if you’re …

Family friendly Iceland accommodation

bar at Gauksmýri Lodge

Gauksmýri Lodge REVIEW: a horse farm stay in North Iceland

The native Icelandic horse is iconic. Even in the harshest climes, you will see these stoic creatures dotted around the lower hills. One of the best things to do in Iceland with kids is a horse riding lesson, and what better time to do it than whilst staying on a horse farm! 

Stóru Laugar feature

Stóru-Laugar REVIEW: cosy guesthouse with 24hr hot tub in North Iceland

Holding our breath, we tiptoed quickly across the snow, whipped off our dressing gowns, then let out satisfying sigh as we slipped into the hot tub under the night sky. The hot tub at Stóru-Laugar is open 24 hours a day, as fresh water pumps in from the surrounding natural geothermal springs, hovering around a …

Guesthouse Keflavi feature

Guesthouse Keflavík REVIEW: Budget accommodation in Keflavík

Many travellers are surprised to find out that Reykjavik is actually a 45 minute drive (without traffic) from the main International Airport at Keflavík. If you’ve got an early flight the next day, or you arrive to Iceland in the evening, or you just want to avoid the expensive accommodation of Reykjavik, it would be …