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For those of us living in the UK, France is just a hop, skip and a jump over the Channel for our fix of croissants, brie and wine. It is the land of leisurely fine dining and afternoons spent strolling around historical sites. Not exactly geared to kids? It’s just a case of going to the right places.

We visit France A LOT and have visited almost every year since the boys were born, often multiple times in one year.

cycling in the Dordogne

Bongo Camper summer road trip in France (6 weeks)

2021 was another summer of uncertain travel due to the global pandemic. Travel restrictions were changing constantly and it was exhausting keeping on top of all the various rules between countries. But road trips are what keep our soul alive and whilst many families opted to stay in the UK, we decided to take the plunge and head over to France in our Mazda Bongo camper for the entire school summer holidays…

boys stood on sandy beach by lake

The BEST campsites in France for families

From over a decade’s experience of family camping in France, whether it be in a tent, campervan on lodge, here we share our pick of the best campsites in France for families. Whether we’re camping in a tent or in our Mazda Bongo camper, we’re huge fans of the French campsites; spacious pitches, fun swimming pools, fresh croissants every morning from the bakery, a bar and restaurant on site, and fantastic cycle tracks….

walking down to the beach on Oleron

Calais to the Pyrenees road trip (4 weeks)

This one month France road trip itinerary starts from Calais, and does a big loop down to the Spanish Pyrenees via the Auvergne and Perpignan, then back up again via BayonneÎle d’Oléron, and the Loire Valley, returning to Calais. Accommodation is camping (either tent or camper) and geared toward families with young kids. A fantastic budget trip for the school summer holidays!…

TraveLynn Family in the Vendee

Loire and Vendee road trip

Sat waiting to board the ferry from Dover, we couldn’t help but feel rather sheepish. The UK Government had announced just 18 hours ago that France was now added to the quarantine list, and the FCO were advising against all but essential travel to France due to a big increase in COVID-19 cases. But here we were with our Mazda Bongo camper all packed up and two kids in the back…

Tips for driving through France - Bongo in the Alps

Top 10 tips for driving through France

Heading over to the continent? Then check out these tips for driving through France including what you need to takes and dealing with tolls. In the summer of 2020, after years of deliberation, we finally  took the plunge and bought our Mazda Bongo campervan, adding one extra member to our family of four. The plan was always to take him across to the continent as much as possible, and this has led to us visiting France at least once every year since 2020…

Hammock attached to our Mazda Bongo

15 essential tips for camping in France

Whether you’re a first-timer or regular campers, there’s something for everyone here with these top tips for camping in France. The French have camping down to a fine art. Whether you’re looking for a family campsite with a swimming pool, kids club and entertainment, or a quiet campsite on the grounds of a chateaux to sip wine bought from a local vineyard that day, camping in France really offers something for everyone…


The BEST things to do in the Dordogne with kids

The Dordogne is arguably the prettiest region of France, and whilst you may dream of spending your days wandering quaint medieval towns and enjoying outstanding haute cuisine, if you’re visiting the Dordogne with kids, your priorities lie elsewhere. Situated towards the south of France, we have been returning to the Dordogne time and time again with our boys…

Loire with kids

Best Châteaux to visit in the Loire with kids

I was dragged around many a châteaux in France by my parents as a child. I remember lots of old rooms with big paintings of men on horses and in all honesty, it was rather dull. All I wanted to do was get back to the campsite to meet up with my new friends and jump in the pool. So why do we keep returning almost thirty(ish) years later to the Loire with kids to do exactly the same thing?

Paris with kids

Paris with kids: a perfectly unplanned day

It’s been drilled into parents that to make the most of a European city break we should have our days planned to almost military precision and book activities in advance so as not to miss out on the ‘must do’ activities, whilst also making sure sufficient downtime is scheduled to avoid meltdowns (which may come from any family member).