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Welcome to TraveLynn Family!

Welcome to TraveLynn Family!

Don’t wait to travel with your kids until they’re the ‘perfect age’! You never know what’s around the corner to mess up your plans; I think the pandemic has taught everyone that. And really, does the ‘perfect age’ even exist?

Jenny Lynn, Mum and Editor of TraveLynn Family

Want to travel with kids? You’ve come to the right place for inspiration. Here we share our personal reviews and itineraries for global travel adventures!

We’re a UK family that have been travelling with our two boys ever since they were born; from living in India, trekking the Himalayas, to traversing Africa in a Land Rover. More recently, we deregistered our boys (age 7 and 8) from school to travel Morocco for 4 months.

TraveLynn Family was established in 2016 and has grown to be one of the top UK family travel blogs in the UK, receiving over 80k page views per month to this website and with an engaged following of 19k on Instagram.

We have always believed that travel should not wait until the kids are older; and I think the pandemic has taught us that anything can happen to turn our lives up-side-down! We’re sure pleased we didn’t wait until our boys are the ‘perfect age’; whatever that age actually is.

Indeed the pandemic has completely transformed the way we all travel. Changing travel restrictions have become the world we live in, and the days of turning up at a dusty border crossing and winging a visa on the spot are gone for the foreseeable future.

Slow travel is the way forward, and rather than jumping from one place to another to cram as much as possible in, we are happy to spend weeks (and months) in the one country. This is a deeper travel, a more rewarding travel, where the natural daily routines of staying in the one place for a big chunk of time allows you to feel part of the local community.

In June 2000, we embraced family #vanlife and purchased a Mazda Bongo 4×4 camper on eBay. Since then, we have travelled in our Bongo almost every school holidays (which is a good 15 weeks here in the UK), always favouring the ferry crossing over to the continent for our fix of sunshine, culture, and a nice stock up of wine. Our 6 weeks road tripping France in the summer of 2021 was an absolute dream.

But 2022 has brought us a new adventure, although unfortunately the Bongo cannot come on this one. We have deregistered the boys from school to spend four months in Morocco. Being of schooling age, we have chosen to keep up with our boys’ formal schooling of Maths and English through online schooling (the education of travel fills in and expands all the other ‘gaps’). You can read about our online schooling journey for family travel here; we’re all about outsourcing for help rather than trying to manage ‘homeschooling’ ourselves.

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