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When working with Jenny Lynn, TraveLynn Family, you agree to the following terms of business, which supersede any other:

  1. Payment terms are 14 calendar days from date of invoice by BACS.
  2. If PayPal is the agreed method of payment, the brand or agency will pay for any extra charges incurred.
  3. If payment is not made within 14 days, a late payment fee of £40 will be added to the sum outstanding and interest will start to accrue as per item 4.
  4. Late payments from 30 days are subject to to 8% interest plus the Bank Of England base rate and compensation under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.
  5. If a brand or agency has to generate a purchase order before receiving an invoice, this must be done before the work takes place.
  6. All image, video, audio and copy remain the property of Jenny Lynn, unless otherwise agreed. Additional charges will apply for usage across social media, press or internal communications.
  7. Any brand exclusivity must be agreed in advance and will be subject to a fee, per calendar month.
  8. The agreement of a fee and due date denotes agreement for a project to go ahead.
  9. Should work be cancelled after an agreement takes place, a kill fee will be required. The kill fee is calculated as follows: If work has been agreed but not completed, 50% of total fee is due. If work has been completed but not published, 75% of total fee is due. If work has been completed and published, 100% of total fee is due.
  10. Any alterations to a brief, or additional requirements, may result in an additional fee being charged.
  11. If the client requires content approval before publication, there is an additional fee.
  12. All links to a brand’s website will be no follow.
  13. All commercial posts will be clearly marked as an ‘Advertorial’ at the top of the post, and explained as a commissioned post at the end.
  14. All social promotion of commercial posts will be clearly marked as an #ad or AD.