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The Platinum Kuala Lumpur by LUMA REVIEW: affordable luxury in the centre of KL

The Platinum Kuala Lumpur by LUMA REVIEW: affordable luxury in the centre of KL

Take a quick glance across the skyline of Kuala Lumpur and it’s hard not to notice the abundance of skyscrapers jostling each other for space. So it’ll come as no surprise that the city centre is chock-full of apartments aimed at short-term visitors. This is great news for travellers, particularly those visiting Kuala Lumpur with kids, as these apartments tick most boxes when it comes to price, location, facilities and convenience.

The Platinum Kuala Lumpur by LUMA is a great example of this, a well-organised apartment complex with modern, clean, well-maintained accommodation, located in a building with rooftop pool, gym, and iconic views over the city.

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Arriving to The Platinum Kuala Lumpur by LUMA

If you’ve made your booking via, the reservations team will message you on WhatsApp and the messaging service with the arrival details and it’s all very clear and professional. You’ll be asked to sign a simple registration document and send a copy of your passport before arrival.

Once more Grab taxis come to the rescue and it’s a breeze to locate the building (Google Maps knows the Platinum Suites and it’ll show up on the Grab app).

It can be slightly disorientating when you first enter the lobby as it’s a large building with multiple serviced-apartment companies operating (they’re big business in KL) but the LUMA team are usually located on the right-hand side near the sofas. If you struggle to find them, ask at the main reception desk, they seemed very used to people asking questions and were friendly and helpful.

At the LUMA check-in desks, you’ll be asked to pay a RM500 deposit and be given your keys. It’s a fast and straightforward process although the list of rules and regulations are slightly onerous, although this is standard for Malaysia. Just smile and go along with it.

Our room

There are several lifts available in the lobby so the queue’s never to long to reach your floor which is good news because you wouldn’t want to take the stairs! The room we were allocated was on the 42nd floor which provided incredible views across the city (although the Petronas Towers were tantalisingly out of sight). We messaged them in advance to ask for a high-floor which is recommended if you’d also prefer a higher floor.

The main selling point of these apartments is the sheer amount of space and facilities you get for the price. We paid RM1000 (approx £160) for three nights which was a fraction of the cost for a similar suite in a hotel. Admittedly, you do forgo a dedicated reception and daily housekeeping, but that’s a price worth paying in our minds.

The apartment has two separate bedrooms, en-suite bathroom, living room, dining area, fully-stocked kitchen, plus (a very welcome) washing machine. Everything is clean and tidy, with all the pots, pans, plates, glasses and cutlery you’d ever need. It really is like having your own home on holiday. There’s also air-conditioning, fast Wi-Fi and Netflix.

The facilities at The Platinum Kuala Lumpur by LUMA

Just a few floors up on the rooftop, you’ll find the swimming pool, gym, library and bar. The views from the rooftop are perfect, with a glimpse of the Petronas Towers from one corner, the Sky Tower, sunset and cityscape.

However, you’ll very rarely have it to yourself as it’s a very popular spot, especially when the sun is shining and people fancy a dip in the pool. It can be tricky to get a sunbed at times, although there was always a quiet spot available in the pool, especially in the corner which didn’t afford views of the Petronas Towers. The gym was nearly always deserted which was a surprise as it’s well-stocked with its own cityscape view.

A quick word about the security guards who do their best to spoil the atmosphere with near-constant whistling, finger-pointing and general fun-policing. It quickly becomes a bit of a hassle. To cut them some slack, this sort of thing is ubiquitous in Malaysia and they’re just doing their job. Try to fully dry off before leaving the pool area, shower before entering the pool, wear the correct shoes in the gym and you might avoid the worse of the hassle. But you’ll inevitably do something to draw their attention, it’s just one of those things to bear in mind.


The apartment building doesn’t have its own restaurant although there are countless options within a few minutes walk of the building. It’s only a fifteen minute walk to the Petronas Towers, for example.

There is a small supermarket at the ground level of the Summer Suites KLCC Apartments which are only two minutes walk away (there’s also a coffee shop here). The supermarket is well-stocked if you want to cook a simple meal back in the apartment and is also the closest place to buy alcohol (including a large wine selection).

You may also prefer to order a takeaway using the Grab app and have it delivered to the lobby (the delivery person will message you when they arrive, so it’s super-easy to arrange). There’s an almost unlimited choice and it felt like a real treat enjoying a pizza overlooking the city from our sofa with Netflix on (please don’t judge!).

Night time cityscape views from the rooftop

Things to do nearby

You’re right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at the The Platinum Kuala Lumpur by LUMA so there’s no shortage of things to do nearby. You’re only an easy fifteen minute walk away from the Petronas Towers and the Sky Tower is a similar distance.

If you need to travel slightly further afield, Dang Wangi metro stop and Bukit Nanas monorail station are only a few minutes walk away.

If you’d like some ideas check out our post on what to do in Kuala Lumpur.

Final thoughts on The Platinum Kuala Lumpur by LUMA

The Platinum Kuala Lumpur by LUMA really does feel like high-end suite-living done on a backpacking budget. For a relatively small amount of money, you have access to a stunning apartment with all the facilities you’d need, in a perfect location, with that amazing city view. If you’ve been travelling for an extended period, the home-comforts of washing machines, Netflix, and an oven will feel welcome, and a chance for you all to come back down to earth for a few days.

The location means you’re never far from the action, but the early evenings in the rooftop pool, with the Petronas Towers basking in the orange light of the setting sun, might just be the thing you remember the most about your stay in Kuala Lumpur.

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