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Mozy REVIEW: the essential blanket upgrade for outdoor parents

Mozy REVIEW: the essential blanket upgrade for outdoor parents

Paid promotion. This is an honest review and all my opinions.

The Mozy is a wrap to keep the lower half of your body warm in cold weather. “Isn’t that just a blanket?” I hear you saying. Well yes, this was exactly my first thoughts…

But if you were looking for a blanket that has sustained heat retention, is waterproof and easy to wash (so you can sit in the mud and then throw it in the washing machine), has velcro to keep it in place and big pockets… well you’d say that it was the perfect blanket for sitting outdoors in the cold! And this is exactly what the Mozy is!

An essential item for outdoor lovers

Whilst being active is a good way to keep warm, sometimes you just want to sit and enjoy the view and take in what’s happening around you. We always think of taking a warm jacket, hat, scarf and gloves when it’s cold out. But we never think of our bottom half.

Thermals worn under trousers can be uncomfortable, and I’m now realising that the Mozy would have been perfect for our Iceland family travels where we would often find an incredible view point or beach, but couldn’t stick around too long as our behinds were getting cold.

I also think back to our overland travels in Africa and those freezing cold mornings in the Namibian desert. How lovely would it have been to have the Mozy wrapped around me whilst I had my morning cuppa rather than my sleeping bag awkwardly tucked around me?

And when we were hiking in the Himalayas with the kids, the Mozy would have been a total gamechanger!

Mozy review

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I’m sure the Mozy will be joining us on future travels, whenever that may be. But it’s already been super handy for our outdoor life closer to home.

I popped my Mozy on to watch the sunrise from our garden the other day and I can see me using it for standing on the side-lines whilst the boys are at football practice in the coming months.

It will also be coming on our winter walks in the Peak District (from Dovedale walk to Win Hill walk), as the boys always find some boulders to play on and us parents have to sit and wait for them, and the Mozy has of course become an essential item for our Mazda Bongo camper adventures.

It’s one of those items that I never really knew I needed, but has now become and essential outdoor item for those cold weather days!

The extra bits that make it more than a blanket

The velcro fastening means that your Mozy stays in place and is hands free, plus you can fold up and attach the corners for easy walking. The deep pockets are handy to store your phone and other bits, and you can get different velcro badges to attach to them (I need to get TraveLynn Family and Peak District Kids badges!)

There’s also a carabiner clip to attach your flask of hot tea. Well that’s what I’m planning to use it for.

Mozy review

But more importantly, the Mozy has a clever engineered design that prevents convective heat loss to keep you warmer than a traditional blanket, and blocks out cold air pockets from the wind. The interior is fleece lined, and the outside is waterproof for sitting in snow, wet grass, or mud.

When you want to pack it away, the Mozy fits into its own pocket for quick and easy storage with a shoulder strap for easy carry. Then once you get home, you can pop it in the washing machine if it’s dirty.

So yes, the Mozy much more than a blanket

The Mozy is the blanket upgrade that you never knew existed, and it’s fair to say that I’m a huge fan. I’ve always believed that families should be outdoors exploring as much as possible, whether it’s on a family walk, camping, playing sport, or star gazing around the campfire.

Being out in nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing. So anything that makes outdoor life easier and more comfortable is a winner in my books.

Mozy review

Where can I purchase the Mozy?

You can purchase the Mozy directly from the Mozy wesbite.

The price is currently USD99 and you need to pay for shipping on top of this. The cheapest shipping to the UK is USPS First Class Package International 7 to 21 business days) at USD13.54.

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